Bone disorders biology, diagnosis, prevention, therapy

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Main Authors: Bartl, R. (Author), Bartl, Christoph (Author)
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Published: Switzerland : Springer, [2016]
Table of Contents:
  • Preface; Contents; Part I: Evolution and Biology of Bone; 1: Evolution ofßtheßSkeleton; 1.1 From theßPrimeval Sea toßtheßPrecambrian Period; 1.2 The "Cambrian Explosion"; 1.3 Development ofßtheßExternal Skeleton; 1.4 Development ofßtheßInternal Skeleton; 1.5 Calcium Phosphate: TheßNew Building Material; 1.6 Development ofßtheßBackbone; 1.7 Invasion ofßtheßDry Land; 1.8 Bone andßBlood Formation; 1.9 The Human Skeleton; 2: Structure andßArchitecture ofßBone; 2.1 Function ofßtheßSkeleton; 2.2 Architecture ofßBone; 2.3 Blood Vessels andßNerves ofßBone andßMarrow.
  • 3: Modelling andßRemodelling ofßBone3.1 Bone Cells; 3.2 Bone Remodelling Units; 4: Control andßRegulation ofßBone Remodelling; 4.1 Mechanisms Regulating Bone Mass; 4.2 Osteoimmunology; 4.3 RANK/RANKL/Osteoprotegerin System; 4.4 Leptin; 5: Growth andßAgeing ofßBone; 5.1 Types ofßOssification; 5.2 Growth ofßtheßEmbryo inßtheßUterus; 5.3 Peak Bone Mass; Part II: The Spectrum of Bone Disorders; 6: Osteoclast: TheßLeading Actor inßBone Disorders; 7: Classifying Bone Disorders According toßSpread (Topography); 8: Classifying Bone Disorders According toßUnderlying Pathologic Anatomy.
  • 9: Classifying Bone Disorders According toßPathophysiology9.1 Congenital Bone Disorders; 9.2 Metabolic Bone Disorders; 9.3 Traumatic Bone Disorders; 9.4 Circulatory Bone Disorders; 9.5 Infectious Bone Disorders; 9.6 Neoplastic Bone Disorders; Part III: Diagnostic Tools in Bone Disorders; 10: Clinical Evaluation; 10.1 Age andßLocation; 10.2 Bone Pain; 10.3 Swelling andßDeformity ofßBone; 10.4 Systemic Signs andßBasic Systemic Diseases; 11: Skeletal Imaging; 11.1 Conventional Radiography (X-Rays); 11.2 Morphometry ofßX-Ray Films; 11.3 Computed Tomography (CT); 11.4 Ultrasound (US).
  • 11.5 Scintigraphy (Bone Scans)11.6 Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI); 12: Essentials ofßSkeletal Radiology; 12.1 Imaging Techniques; 12.1.1 Conventional X-Ray; 12.1.2 Computed Tomography (CT); 12.1.3 Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI); 12.1.4 Nuclear Medical Examination Techniques; 12.1.5 Bone Densitometry; 12.2 Aspects ofßImaging ofßSelected Tissue Disorders; 12.2.1 Fractures; 12.2.2 Osteoporosis; 12.2.3 Other Systemic Bone Disease; Osteomalacia andßRickets; Hyperparathyroidism; DISH (Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis).
  • SAPHO Syndrome (Synovitis, Acne, Pustulosis, Hyperostosis, Osteitis) CRMO; 12.2.4 Local Bone Disease; Osteomyelitis; Paget Disease; Bone Marrow Oedema; Osteonecrosis, Bone Infarcts; Soft Tissue Calcification; 12.2.5 Bone andßBone Marrow; Myelogenous Osteopathies; Storage Diseases; Lymphomas; Multiple Myeloma; Systemic Mastocytosis; 12.2.6 Bone andßJoints; Degenerative Joint Diseases; Osteoarthritis; Osteochondrosis; Chronic Polyarthritis.