Preventive nutrition the comprehensive guide for health professionals

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Other Authors: Bendich, Adrianne (Editor), Deckelbaum, Richard J. (Editor)
Edition:Fifth edition.
Series:Nutrition and health (Totowa, N.J.)
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Physical Description:1 online resource (xxxiii, 909 pages) : illustrations.
Bibliography:Includes bibliographical references and index.
Published: Cham : Humana Press, 2015.
Table of Contents:
  • Global issues. Preventive nutrition : from public to personal recommendations and approaches to behavior change / Sara C. Folta, Alison G.M. Brown, and Jeffrey B. Blumberg
  • Public health benefits of preventive nutrition : global perspective / Walter C. Willett
  • Nutritional and dietary supplements : code or concern / Roger Clemens and Peter Pressman
  • The trans Pacific partnership : global nutrition at risk / Henry Greenberg and Stephanie Shiau
  • Nutrient density and health : how to develop global nutrient density metrics / Adam Drewnowski
  • The influence of polypharmacy on nutrition / Korinne M. Piccolo and Joseph I. Boullata
  • Diet-gene interactions : haptoglobin genotype and nutrient status / Leah E. Cahill and Eric B. Rimm
  • Cancer prevention. The role of diet and nutrition in lung cancer / Anthony J. Alberg and John M. Wrangle
  • Epigenetics of endocrine tumors in women and dietary prevention / Donato F. Romagnolo and Ornella I. Selmin
  • The role of nutrition and diet in prostate cancer / Yin Cao, Lorelei Mucci, and Edward Giovannucci
  • Dietary supplements and cancer risk : epidemiologic research and recommendations / Rebecca L. Sedjo, Marian L. Neuhouser, and Cheryl L. Rock
  • Nonnutritive components in foods and cancer risk / Lauren E. Conlon and John W. Erdman Jr.
  • Cardiovascular disease prevention. Diet quality and cardiovascular disease prevention / Janice L. Atkins and S. Goya Wannamethee
  • n-3 and n-6 fatty acids reduce risk for cardiovascular disease / William S. Harris
  • Trans fatty acids : a summary of the evidence relating consumption to cardiovascular outcomes and the efficacy of prevention policy to reduce levels in the food supply / Shauna M. Downs, Sarah Loehr, and Jason H.Y. Wu
  • Nutrition aspects of stroke prevention / Katherine Patton and Mandy L. Corrigan
  • B vitamins influence vascular cognitive impairment / Tammy M. Scott, Kristen E. D'Anci, and Irwin H. Rosenberg
  • Diabetes and obesity. Childhood obesity : new paradigms on susceptibility, co-morbidities, and interventions / Estehr Granot
  • The women's health initiative : lessons fro preventive nutrition / Cynthia A. Thomson, Marian L. Neuhouser, and Shirley A.A. Beresford
  • Role of fiber in the prevention of type 2 diabetes / Mark L. Dreher
  • Nutrition issues and recommendations in the management of diabetes and prediabetes in older adults / Barbara Stetson, Stephanie McDonough, and Sri Prakash Mokshagundam
  • The effects of diabetes and obesity on the skeleton / Jessica Furst, John P. Bilezikian, and Mishaela R. Rubin
  • Nutritional concerns for bariatric surgery / Sue A. Shapses, Tara Mauro, and Robert E. Brolin
  • Composition, production, consumption, and health effects of added sugars / James M. Rippe and John S. White
  • Low calorie sweeteners and weight management / Danielle Greenberg, Richard Black, and Catherine Cioffi
  • Prevention of major disabilities : geriatrics. Diet, osteoporosis, and fracture prevention : the totality of the evidence / Laura A.G. Armas and Robert P. Heaney
  • Optimizing nutrition to delay age related macular degeneration / Molly Schleicher, Elizabeth Whitcomb, and Allen Taylor
  • Micronutrients and immunity in older people / John D. Bogden and Donald B. Louria
  • Prevention of major disabilities : adults and children. Gastric acid secretions, treatments, and nutritional consequences / Ronti Zilberboim and Adrianne Bendich
  • The impact of micronutrients on inflammation and health in low- and middle-income countries / Ian Darnton-Hill, Faruk Ahmed, and Samir Samman
  • HIV and nutrition / Murugi Ndirangu and Kevin A. Sztam
  • Folic acid during pregnancy may reduce the risk of certain types of severe congenital heart defects : time for action? / Andrew E. Czeizel
  • Maternal nutrition and preterm delivery / Theresa O. Scholl and Xinhua Chen
  • Linking prenatal nutrition to adult mental health / David St. Clair and Ezra Susser
  • Nutrition transitions around the world. Nutritional habits and obesity in Latin America : an analysis of the region / Nicole Figari, Oscar Castillo, and Jaime Rozowski
  • Sodium consumption in southeast Asia : an updated review of intake levels and dietary sources in six countries / Maria Sofia Amarra and Geok Lin Khor
  • The role of food security in preventing the rise of nutritional double burden in low-income countries / Andrew D. Jones
  • Role of the food and supplement industries in human health / Michael I. McBurney and Eric D. Ciappio
  • Supplementation : its evolving role in prevention / Bruce P. Daggy and Francis C. Lau
  • The role of preventive nutrition in clinical practice / Atheer Yacoub and Wahida Karmally
  • Appendix A : recommended books and websites
  • Appendix B : other relevant volumes
  • Appendix C : websites of interest
  • Appendix D : table of contents from editions 1 to 4 and contents of primary and secondary edition.