A History of American physical anthropology, 1930-1980 /

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Corporate Author: American Association of Physical Anthropologists.
Other Authors: Spencer, Frank, 1941-
Physical Description:xvi, 495 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Bibliography:Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
Published: New York : Academic Press, 1982.
Table of Contents:
  • Roots of the race concept in American physical anthropology / C. Loring Brace
  • Effects of funding patterns on the development of physical anthropology / Thelma S. Baker and Phyllis B. Eveleth
  • Short history of primate field studies: old world monkeys and apes / Rosalind Ribnick
  • Primate neuroanatomy: an evolutionary perspective / Dean Falk
  • Molecular anthropology: its development and current directions / Morris Goodman and J. E. Cronin
  • Basic primatology and prosimian evolution / Matt Cartmill
  • Fifty years of higher primate phylogeny / John G. Fleagle and William L. Jungers
  • Reflections on human paleontology / Ernst Mayr
  • American research on australopithecines and early Homo, 1925-1980 / Noel T. Boaz
  • History of Homo erectus and Homo sapiens paleontology in America / Erik Trinkaus
  • Inquiries into the peopling of the new world: development of ideas and recent advances / Albert B. Harper and William S. Laughlin
  • Theoretical foundations and development of skeletal biology / George J. Armelagos, David S. Carlson, and Dennis P. Van Gerven
  • Five decades of skeletal biology as reflected in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology / C. Owen Lovejoy, Robert P. Mensforth, and George J. Armelagos
  • Development of American paleopathology / Douglas H. Ubelaker
  • Forensic Anthropology / David D. Thompson
  • Genes, populations, and disease, 1930-1980: a problem-oriented review / Kenneth M. Weiss and R. Chakraborty
  • Development of ideas about human ecology and adaptation / Michael A. Little
  • Development of research strategies for studies of biological variation in living human populations / Jere D. Haas
  • Historical perspective on studies of human growth and development in extreme environments / Cynthia M. Beall
  • Last fifty years of human population biology in North America: an outsider's view / G. Ainsworth Harrison.