Evidence-based cosmetic breast surgery

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Main Author: Swanson, Eric (Author)
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Physical Description:1 online resource (xiv, 214 pages) : color illustrations
Published: Cham, Switzerland : Springer, 2017.
Table of Contents:
  • Preface; Author; Contents; 1: Evidence-Based Medicine; Evidence-Based Cosmetic Breast Surgery; Levels ofßEvidence; Evaluating Evidence-Based Medicine inßPlastic Surgery; Levels ofßEvidence Hierarchy; Grade (A-D) Recommendation; Level 1 Studies; Randomized Trials andßCosmetic Surgery; Equipoise; Limitations ofßHistorical Controls; Prospective VersusßRetrospective Study Design; Markers ofßSuccess inßCosmetic Surgery; Consecutive Patients; Statistical Power andßAlpha Level; Eligibility Criteria; Inclusion Rate; Confounders; Measuring Device; Discussion ofßLimitations.
  • Commercial Bias Systematic Reviews; Objectives; Outcome Studies; BREAST-Q; Ad Hoc Outcome Studies; References; 2: A Measurement System andßIdeal Breast Shape; The Need forßaßMeasurement System; Nipple Position VersusßGlandular Position; Standardized Photographs; Two-Dimensional Breast Measurements; Computer Software; Lateral Views; Frontal Views; Breast References; Measuring Breast Volume; Advantages ofßaßTwo-Dimensional Reference System; Breast Dimensions; Ideal Breast Shape; Frontal View; Lateral View; Three-Dimensional Breast Shape; References; 3: Breast Augmentation.
  • Introduction Patient-Reported Results; Indications; Anesthesia andßVenous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis; Incision; Supra-Inframammary Fold (Supra- IMF) Incision; Periareolar Incision; Axillary Incision; Trans-Nipple-Areolar andßTransareolar Incisions; Correction ofßInverted Nipples; Correction ofßProtruding Nipples; Implant Placement; "Controlling" theßInframammary Fold; Breast Implant Settling AfterßSurgery: Clinical Examples; Breast Implant Size; Three-Dimensional Computer Simulation; Firmness; Breast Implant Selection: Silicone Gel VersusßSaline.
  • Breast Implants: Smooth VersusßTextured Breast Implants: RoundßVersus Shaped; Measurements; Breast Asymmetry; Chest Wall Abnormalities; Tuberous Breasts; Nipple Sensation; Recovery; Patient Satisfaction; Complications; Fat Injection; References; 4: Complications ofßBreast Augmentation; Capsular Contracture; Etiology ofßCapsular Contracture; Infection: TheßCase ForßandßAgainst; Treatment; Open Capsulotomy; Capsulectomy Versus Capsulotomy; Site Change; Acellular Dermal Matrix (ADM); Patient Considerations; Implant Replacement; Treatment Recommendations; Hematoma; Infection.
  • Nipple Numbness Implant Rupture; Wrinkling (Rippling); "Ball inßSock" Deformity; Symmastia (Synmastia); Implant Malposition; Malrotation; Double Bubble Deformity; Implant Exposure; Late Seromas andßDouble Capsules; Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (ALCL); Venous Thromboembolism, Doppler Ultrasound, andßTotal Intravenous Anesthesia; Sequential Compression Devices; Other Complications; References; 5: The Myth ofßBreast Autoaugmentation; Introduction; Photographic Integrity; Breast Projection andßUpper Pole Projection; Fascial Sutures; "Laser Bra"; "Dermal Bra"; "Internal Bra."