Nutrition in lifestyle medicine

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Other Authors: Rippe, James M.
Series:Nutrition and health (Totowa, N.J.)
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Published: Cham, Switzerland : Humana Press, 2017.
Table of Contents:
  • Part I. Nutrition in Lifestyle Medicine: General Considerations
  • 1. Nutrition in Lifestyle Medicine: Overview
  • 2. Nutrition 101: The Concept of Nutritional Status, Standards, and Guides for Nutrient Intakes, Eating Patterns and Nutrition
  • 3. Behavior Change and Nutrition
  • 4. Effective Strategies to Help Adults Manage How Much They Eat
  • 5. Critical Evaluation of Nutrition Research
  • 6. Nutritional Genomics: The Wave of the Future for Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Part II. Nutrition in Prevention and Treatment of Metabolic Diseases
  • 7. The Role of Nutrition and Lifestyle in the Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease
  • 8. Nutrition Therapy for the Prevention and Treatment of Prediabetes and Diabetes
  • 9. Nutrition in Weight Management and Obesity
  • 10. Nutrition in Oral Health
  • Part III. Nutrition in Childhood
  • 11. Childhood Obesity
  • 12. Nutritional Interventions to Lower Cholesterol and Risk for Heart Disease in Children
  • 13. School Meals: Are they Nutritionally Sound?
  • Part IV. Nutrition in Athletes and Physically Active Adults
  • 14. Nutritional Considerations for the Active Adolescent
  • 15. Effects of an Active Lifestyle on Water Balance
  • Part V. Nutrition in Specialized Populations and Conditions
  • 16. Nutrition for a Health Pregnancy
  • 17. Promoting Nutrition in Men's Health
  • 18. Nutritional Considerations for Hispanics
  • 19. Optimal Nutrition for the Older Adults
  • Part VI. Controversies in Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine
  • 20. Added Sugars and Health: What do we Really Know?
  • 21. Saturated Fatty Acids: Friend or Foe?
  • Part VII. Nutrition and Public Policy Issues
  • 22. Public Policy and Environmental Supports for Healthy Eating
  • 23. Food Safety.