Sisterhood is powerful ; an anthology of writings from the women's liberation movement

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Main Author: Morgan, Robin, 1941-
Edition:[First edition].
Physical Description:xli, 602 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
Bibliography:Bibliography: pages 567-583.
Published: New York : Random House, [1970]
Table of Contents:
  • "You've come a long way, baby": historical perspectives / Connie Brown and Jane Seitz
  • The oppressed majority: the way it is
  • Know your enemy: a sampling of sexist quotes
  • The 51 percent minority group: a statistical essay / Joreen
  • The dynamics of marriage and motherhood / Beverly Jones
  • Women in the professions: five short personal testimonies
  • Women in medicine / Miriam Gilbert, R.N.
  • "A ouse is not a home": women in publishing / Laura Furman
  • Women and television / Sheila Smith Hobson
  • Women in the military / Lt. Susan Schnall
  • The trials of Lois Lane: women in journalism / Lindsy Van Gelder
  • The secretarial proletariat / Judith Ann
  • The halls of academe / Women's Caucus, Political Science Department, University of Chicago
  • Women and the welfare system / Carol Glassman
  • Two jobs: women who work in factories / Jean Tepperman
  • Women and the Catholic church / Dr. Mary Daly
  • Does the law oppress women? / Diane B. Schulder
  • The invisible woman: psychological and sexual repression
  • Barbarous rituals
  • It hurts to be alive and obsolete: the ageing woman / Zoe Moss
  • Media images 1: Madison Avenue brainwashing--the facts / Alice Embree
  • Media images 2: body odor and social order / Florika
  • The politics of orgasm / Susan Lydon
  • "Kinde, kuche, kirche" as scientific law: psychology constructs the female / Dr. Naomi Weisstein
  • A theory of female sexuality / Mary Jane Sherfey, M.D.
  • A psychiatrists's view: images of woman--past, present, overt and obscured / Natalie Shainess, M.D.
  • Unfinished business: birth control and women's liberation / Lucinda Cisler
  • The hooker / Ellen Strong
  • The least of these: the minority whose screams haven't yet been heard / Gene Damon
  • Notes of a radical lesbian / Martha Shelley
  • Sexual politics (in literature) / Kate Millett
  • Go tell it in the valley: changing consciousness
  • Resistances to consciousness / Irene Peslikis
  • Women in the Black Liberation Movement: three views
  • Double jeopardy: to be Black and female / Frances M. Beal
  • For Sadie and Maude / Eleanor Holmes Norton
  • Statement on birth control / Black Women's Liberation Group, Mount Vernon, New York
  • High school women: three views
  • The suburban scene / Connie Dvorkin
  • On de-segregating Stuyvesant High / Alice de Rivera
  • Excerpts from the diaries of all oppressed women / Women's Collective of the New York High School Students' Union
  • Colonized women: the Chicana
  • An introduction / Elizabeth Sutherland
  • The Mexican-American woman / Enriquetta Longauex y Vasquez
  • Experiment in freedom: women of China / Charlotte Bonny Cohen
  • Up from sexism: emerging ideologies
  • The grand Coolie damn / Marge Piercy
  • Institutionalized oppression vs. the female / Florynce Kennedy
  • The politics of housework / Pat Mainardi
  • Social bases for sexual equality: a comparative view / Karen Sacks
  • Self-defense for women / Susan Pasalé, Rachel Moon, Leslie B. Tanner
  • Female liberation as the basis for social revolution / Roxanne Dunbar
  • The hand that cradles the rock: protest and revolt
  • Poetry as protest
  • For witches / Susan Sutheim
  • Elegy for Jayne Mansfield, July 1967 / Karen Lindsey
  • A chant for my sisters / Marilyn Lowen Fletcher
  • Must I marry / Lynn Strongin
  • The playground (a prose poem) / Leah Fritz
  • She / Maria Ann Britton
  • Dancing the shout to the true gospel or The song movement sisters don't want me to sing / Rita Mae Brown
  • Poem / Jayne West
  • Song of the fucked duck / Marge Piercy
  • Anonymous poem / A seven-year-old woman
  • Terror / Martha Shelley
  • Poem / Janet Russo
  • Going through changes / Jean Tepperman
  • The jailor / Sylvia Plath
  • Historical documents
  • NOW (National Organization for Women) bill of rights
  • Excerpts from the SCUM (Society for Cutting Up Men) manifesto / Valerie Solanis
  • Principles / New York Radical Women
  • No more Miss America! Ten points of protest
  • Letter to our sisters in social work / WAR (Women of the American Revolution)
  • How to name baby / Media Women
  • Lilith's manifesto / Women's Majority Union, Seattle
  • We did it / Women Against Daddy Warbucks
  • Statement on the University of Chicago sit-in
  • An exegesis on women's liberation / Women's Caucus within the Youth International Party
  • Redstockings manifesto
  • The feminists vs. the institution of marriage
  • WITCH documents
  • Songs
  • Verbal karate: statistical and aphoristic ammunition.